Terms of Service


The following applies to all versions of MarketCast including the TV apps, mobile apps as well as any voice applications. Some MarketCast apps or features have the ability to to record your voice to look up stocks or other information. These recordings are for one time use to query data and recordings are not stored by MarketCast. However, to use use our Google Action you have already agreed to Google's privacy policy so please see that if you have any concerns about using Google Assistant or other voice features. Portfolios created by you will be stored in the cloud for your convenience. MarketCast uses 3rd party sign-in with Google or Amazon depending on platform. To create your account your email and name will be stored securely as a unique identifier. This information will not be shared with any other parties and is solely for storing your stock and portfolio selections.


You may not use the application in any manor that could damage or harm the application or the servers that are used with this application. This includes overburdening it in any way or causing any interference with other users of the application. You may also not tamper with the application or its servers by performing any unauthorized access and any forms of hacking.

When using this app or any of the services it offers, you assume all risks with using the given information. You will have full understanding that you, solely are responsible for anything that may occur as a result to putting this information into use in any way shape or form. You also agree that MarketCast, AdamApps or any of the developers associated with the app cannot be held responsible for any harm or costs that you may occur from using the information in this app. You further accept that any information presented in the app may be incorrect, as well as the fact that you or your business will be solely responsible for any action taken on your part as a result of any given information.